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Welcome to Takeoff Phd Zone !!!

Takeoff group is one of the leading researches and Development Company offers guidance in the field of information technology, computer science, wireless networks, communication and networking. Our teams of experts are well versed and knowledgeable in the PhD research process. Our team includes technical writers, trainers, software professionals, professors, consultants, domain experts, algorithm and pseudo code writers, developers specialized specific tools and technologies, programming experts and technical writers.We offer guidance for students in various steams like computer science engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, information technology, communication and networking. We are providing research paper writing and proofreading services for IEEE Journals or International Journals. The journey started with limited technical experts; but our strive work and dedication has made us reach an impressive success and tech giant for past 11 years in our field.

Our organization has now enhanced our services in other education fields like Funded Projects, Software Guidance Division, and more. Takeoff has skilled domain experts in all fields right from Topic Selection, Literature Review, Problem Identification to Solution for Paper writing and developing implementation part with innovative concept idealization using MATLAB, NS2, NS3, JAVA, SIMULINK, CADENCE etc… Along with this experts work for Thesis writing services and for Publication support. Our dedication has made us expanded ourselves in pan India and clients reaching us from worldwide. Takeoff offers full range consulting, writing, editing and statistics services for PhD Research. With an in house team of PhD holders, you can opt for original research design, data collection and research questions development. Our editing service can enhance your thesis or research paper and make it suitable for publication. Statistical help is offered using SPSS, AMOS, STATA and SAS with data management and cleaning

Our team is proficient in varied academic research fields while possessing native language skills. Thus, they are able to guide scholars in almost all subject areas. Whether you have an urgent need of help in drafting your documents or want step-by-step guidance towards data interpretation and presentation, our consultants are always there to deliver timely assistance.

PhD Research, including :
  •   Development of research topic and problem statement.
  •   Development of suitable synopsis on the importance of the research.
  •   Accurate design of questionnaire for proper data collection.
  •   Detailed analysis of statistical data with the latest data collection tool.

Academic paper writing services, including :
  •   PhD thesis writing.
  •   Academic papers including review, empirical, and IEEE papers.

Final editing services, including :
  •   Thesis editing.
  •   Proofreading.
  •   Language editing and formatting before final submission.

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