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Electrical drives Major projects
Sl.No Project Code AC drives Projects Action
1 TEMAED04 Cascaded Multiport Converter For Srm-based Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Applications View Details
2 TEMAED10 Performance-based Design Of Induction Motor Drive For Single-stage Pv Array Fed Water Pumping View Details
3 TEMAED07 Fault Tolerance Performance Of Two Hybrid Six-phase Drive Systems Under Single-phase Open-circuit Fault Operation View Details
4 TEMAED11 Third Harmonic Injection Based Nonlinear Control Of Ipmsm Drive For Wide Speed Range Operation View Details
5 TEMAED02 A Five-level Inverter Scheme Using Single Dc Link With Reduced Number Of Floating Capacitors And Switches Or Open-end Im Drives View Details
6 TEMAED08 Fault-tolerant Back-to-back Converter For Direct-drive Pmsg Wind Turbines Using Direct Torque And Power Control Techniques View Details
7 TEMAED12 Enhanced Generalized Vector Control Strategy For Torque Ripple Mitigation Of Ipm-type Brushless Dc Motors View Details
8 TEMAED03 A New Zero-sequence Current Suppression Control Strategy For Five-phase Open-winding Fault-tolerant Fractional-slot Concentrated Winding Ipm Motor Driving System View Details
9 TEMAED09 Open-end Windings Induction Motor Drive With A Floating Capacitor Bridge At Variable Dc Link Voltage View Details
10 TEMAED17 Grid interfaced solar water pumping system with improved space vector modulated direct torque control View Details
11 TEMAED21 Grid Frequency Regulation Support from Back-to-Back Motor Drive System with Virtual-Synchronous-Generator-Based Coordinated Control View Details
12 TEMAED25 Standalone Single Stage PV fed Reduced Switch Inverter Based PMSM for Water Pumping Application View Details
13 TEMAED29 Intelligent Maximum Power Factor Searching Control Using Recurrent Chebyshev Fuzzy Neural Network Current Angle Controller for SynRM Drive System View Details
14 TEMAED33 Adaptive Torque Ripple Suppression Methods of Three-Phase PMSM During Single-Phase Open-Circuit Fault-Tolerant Operation View Details
15 TEMAED37 MTPA strategy for Direct Torque Control of Brushless DC Motor Drive View Details
16 TEMAED18 Single Stage Autonomous Solar Water Pumping System Using PMSM Drive View Details
17 TEMAED22 Harmonics Reduction of Adjustable Speed Drive using Transistor Clamped H-bridge Inverter based DVR with Enhanced Capacitor Voltage Balancing View Details
18 TEMAED26 Stator Flux Based Model Reference Adaptive Observers for Sensorless Vector Control and Direct Voltage Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator View Details
19 TEMAED30 An Improved Direct Instantaneous Torque Control of Doubly Salient Electromagnetic Machine for Torque Ripple Reduction View Details
20 TEMAED34 Design of Sliding-Mode Speed Controller with Active Damping Control for Single-Inverter Dual-PMSM Drive Systems View Details
21 TEMAED38 Passivity-Based Model Predictive Control of Three-Level Inverter-Fed Induction Motor View Details
22 TEMAED19 Emulation of Wind Turbine System using Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive View Details
23 TEMAED23 Maximum Torque per Voltage Flux-Weakening strategy with speed limiter for PMSM drives View Details
24 TEMAED27 Variable Speed Operation of Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance Machine Drive using Model Predictive Current Control Technique View Details
25 TEMAED31 Direct Torque Model Predictive Control of a Five-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor View Details
26 TEMAED35 Adaptive d-Axis Current Control of RSyM for Photovoltaic Water Pumping Incorporating Cross Saturation View Details
27 TEMAED39 PLL Position and Speed Observer With Integrated Current Observer for Sensorless PMSM Drives View Details
28 TEMAED16 Single-Stage PV-Grid Interactive Induction Motor Drive with Improved Flux Estimation Technique for Water Pumping with Reduced Sensors View Details
29 TEMAED20 Radial basis function neural network based maximum power point tracking for photovoltaic brushless DC motor connected water pumping system View Details
30 TEMAED24 Sensorless Predictive Current Control of PMSM EV Drive using DSOGI-FLL Based Sliding Mode Observer View Details
31 TEMAED28 Electric Drive Based on an Open-End Winding Surface PM Synchronous Machine With a Floating Capacitor Bridge View Details
32 TEMAED32 A Robust Simplified Dynamic Observer-Based Backstepping Control of Six-Phase Induction Motor for Marine Vessels Applications View Details
33 TEMAED36 Electromagnetic torque based MRAS speed estimator for sensorless SMPMSM drive View Details
34 TEMAED40 Pole Reduction Concept for Control of SyRM Based Solar PV Water Pumping System for Improved Performance View Details

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