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Power systems Major projects
Sl.No Project Code Power quality Projects Action
1 TEMAPS105 Unified Power Flow Controller Using A Power Electronics Integrated Transformer View Details
2 TEMAPS96 A Power Quality Improved Ev Charger With Bridgeless Cuk Converter View Details
3 TEMAPS10 Mitigation Of Inter Harmonics In Pv Systems With Maximum Power Point Tracking Modification View Details
4 TEMAPS30 Fault Ride-through Strategy For Two-stage Gpv System Enabling Load Compensation Capabilities Using Ekf Algorithm View Details
5 TEMAPS82 Weak Grid Intertie Wegs With Hybrid Generalized Integrator For Power Quality Improvement View Details
6 TEMAPS97 A Voltage Smoothing Algorithm Using Energy Storage Pq Control In Pv-integrated Power Grid View Details
7 TEMAPS102 Power Flow Control Of Interconnected Ac-dc Microgrids In Grid-connected Hybrid Microgrids Using Modified Uipc View Details
8 TEMAPS107 Active And Reactive Power Injection Strategies For Three-phase Four-wire Inverters During Symmetrical/asymmetrical Voltage Sags View Details
9 TEMAPS14 Modelling And Voltage Control Of The Solar- Wind Hybrid Micro-grid With Optimized Statcom View Details
10 TEMAPS34 Performance Investigation Of Multifunctional On-grid Hybrid Wind-pv System With Oasc And Maf Based Control View Details
11 TEMAPS92 Control Of Powers For Wind Power Generation And Grid Current Harmonics Filtering From Doubly Fed Induction Generator: Comparison Of Two Strategies View Details
12 TEMAPS98 Experimental Investigation Of Adaptive Fuzzy Global Sliding Mode Control Of Single-phase Shunt Active Power Filters View Details
13 TEMAPS104 Adaptive Cdsc-based Open-loop Synchronization Technique For Dynamic Response Enhancement Of Active Power Filters View Details
14 TEMAPS108 Dynamic Voltage Restorer-based Power Quality Optimization Using Differential Evolution Algorithm View Details
15 TEMAPS16 Advanced Control Strategies For Convertible Static Transmission Controller Enabled Dual Active Power Filters And Pv-power Integration View Details
16 TEMAPS72 Sliding Mode Control Of An Active Power Filter With Photovoltaic Maximum Power Tracking View Details
17 TEMAPS95 Power Quality Enhancement Using Euclidean Direction Search Based Control Technique View Details
18 TEMAPS99 Direct Power Control Of Pwm Rectifier With Feed Forward Compensation Of Dc-bus Voltage Ripple Under Unbalanced Grid Conditions View Details
19 TEMAPS109 Output Power Quality Enhancement Of Pmsg With Fractional Order Sliding Mode Control View Details
20 TEMAPS07 Lmmn Based Adaptive Control For Power Quality Improvement Of Grid Intertie Wind-pv System View Details
21 TEMAPS28 Control Of Single-phase Solar Power Generation System With Universal Active Power Filter Capabilities Using Least Mean Mixed-norm (lmmn)-based Adaptive Filtering Method View Details
22 TEMAPS77 A Single Input Variable Flc For Dfig Based Wpgs In Standalone Mode View Details
23 TEMAPS100 Real-time Hil Implementation Of A Single-phase Distribution Level Thseaf Based On D-npc Converter Using Proportional-resonant Controller For Power Quality Platform View Details
24 TEMAPS106 Implementation And Experimental Verification Of A Novel Control Strategy For A Upfc Based Interphase Power Controller View Details
25 TEMAPS158 An Adaptive Variable Leaky Least Mean Square Control Scheme for Grid Integration of a PV System View Details
26 TEMAPS167 A Voltage Support Control Strategy for Grid integrated Solar PV System During Abnormal Grid Conditions Utilizing Interweaved GI View Details
27 TEMAPS189 Voltage Sag Enhancement of Grid Connected Hybrid PV-Wind Power System Using Battery and SMES Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer View Details
28 TEMAPS212 A New Protection Scheme for an SSSC in an MV Network by Using a Varistor and Thyristors View Details
29 TEMAPS218 A Systematic Approach via IIR Filters for Enhancing the Robustness of LCL-Type Shunt Active Power Filters to Grid Impedance View Details
30 TEMAPS222 SRF based versatile control technique for DVR to mitigate voltage sag problem in the distribution system View Details
31 TEMAPS173 Grid-Connected PV System with Reactive Power Compensation for the Grid View Details
32 TEMAPS191 Power Flow Control Of Hybrid Micro-Grids Using Modified UIPC View Details
33 TEMAPS213 A New Control Strategy for Three-Phase Shunt Active Power Filters Based on FIR Prediction View Details
34 TEMAPS219 Comparative Performance Analysis Involving a Three-Phase UPQC Operating with Conventional and Dual/Inverted Power-Line Conditioning Strategies View Details
35 TEMAPS223 A Novel IUPQC for Multi-Feeder Systems Using Multilevel Converters With Grid Integration of Hybrid Renewable Energy System View Details
36 TEMAPS179 Integration of solar PV into the grid using a new UPQC with differential inverter control View Details
37 TEMAPS199 Design and Analysis of Grid-Interactive DFIG Based WECS for Regulated Power Flow View Details
38 TEMAPS216 A Microgrid Based on Wind Driven DFIG, DG and Solar PV Array for Optimal Fuel Consumption View Details
39 TEMAPS220 Voltage-Sensitivity-Approach-Based Adaptive Droop Control Strategy of Hybrid STATCOM View Details
40 TEMAPS224 Power Quality Improvement Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer View Details
41 TEMAPS184 Voltage and current profile improvement of a PV-integrated grid system employing sinusoidal current control strategy based unified power quality conditioner View Details
42 TEMAPS211 An Improved Fault-Tolerant Control Scheme for Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM with Higher Attainable Balanced Line-to-Line Voltages View Details
43 TEMAPS217 Design and Development of Modified BL Luo Converter for PQ Improvement in EV Charger View Details
44 TEMAPS221 Power quality enhancement in a grid-connected hybrid system with coordinated PQ theory & fractional order PID controller in DPFC View Details

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