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Power systems Research projects
Sl.No Project Code Wind power generation Projects Action
1 TEREPS19_03 Grid-connected Wind-photovoltaic Cogeneration Using Back-to-back Voltage Source Converters View Details
2 TEREPS19_06 Lmmn Based Adaptive Control For Power Quality Improvement Of Grid Intertie Wind-pv System View Details
3 TEREPS19_33 Performance Investigation Of Multifunctional On-grid Hybrid Wind-pv System With Oasc And Maf Based Control View Details
4 TEREPS19_57 Fault-tolerant Back-to-back Converter For Direct-drive Pmsg Wind Turbines Using Direct Torque And Power Control Techniques View Details
5 TEREPS19_63 Predictive Control With Discrete Space-vector Modulation Of Vienna Rectifier For Driving Pmsg Of Wind Turbine Systems View Details
6 TEREPS19_67 An Adaptive Frequency Regulation Method With Grid-friendly Restoration For Vsc-hvdc Integrated Offshore Wind Farms View Details
7 TEREPS19_108 Implementation and validation of backstepping control for PMSG wind turbine using dSPACE controller board View Details
8 TEREPS19_117 Sensorless SynRG Based Variable Speed Wind Generator and Single-stage Solar PV Array Integrated Grid System with Maximum Power Extraction Capability View Details
9 TEREPS19_13 Modelling And Voltage Control Of The Solar- Wind Hybrid Micro-grid With Optimized Statcom View Details
10 TEREPS19_45 Fault Current Hierarchical Limitation Strategy For Fault Ride-through Scheme Of Microgrid View Details
11 TEREPS19_58 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Of Wind Farm For System Frequency Support View Details
12 TEREPS19_64 Highly Reliable Back-to-back Power Converter Without Redundant Bridge Arm For Doubly-fed Induction Generator-based Wind Turbine View Details
13 TEREPS19_105 Coordinated control for the series grid side converter-based DFIG at subsynchronous operation View Details
14 TEREPS19_109 Implementation and validation of backstepping control for PMSG wind turbine using dSPACE controller board View Details
15 TEREPS19_21 Unbiased Circular Leakage Centered Adaptive Filtering Control For Power Quality Improvement Of Wind-solar Pv Energy Conversion System View Details
16 TEREPS19_49 Hierarchical Distributed Model Predictive Control Of Standalone Wind/solar/battery Power System View Details
17 TEREPS19_59 Weak Grid Intertie Wegs With Hybrid Generalized Integrator For Power Quality Improvement View Details
18 TEREPS19_65 Mitigation Of Sub Synchronous Resonance In Series-compensated Dfig Wind Farm Using Active Disturbance Rejection Control View Details
19 TEREPS19_106 Optimal power extraction control schemes for five-phase PMSG based wind generation systems View Details
20 TEREPS19_110 An improved maximum power point tracking method based on decreasing torque gain for large scale wind turbines at low wind sites View Details
21 TEREPS19_24 Development Of Wind And Solar Based Ac Microgrid With Power Quality Improvement For Local Nonlinear Load Using Mlms View Details
22 TEREPS19_56 Dynamic Capabilities Of An Energy Storage- Embedded Dfig System View Details
23 TEREPS19_61 Series-connected-based Offshore Wind Farms With Full-bridge Modular Multilevel Converter As Grid-and Generator-side Converters View Details
24 TEREPS19_66 A New Hill Climbing Maximum Power Tracking Control For Wind Turbines With Inertial Effect Compensation View Details
25 TEREPS19_107 Enhancing voltage stability and LVRT capability of a wind-integrated power system using a fuzzy-based SVC View Details
26 TEREPS19_114 Robust Normalized Mixed Norm Adaptive Control Scheme for PQ Improvement at PCC of a Remotely Located Wind-Solar PV-BES Microgrid View Details

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