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Controller Based Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code 8051 Projects Action
1 TEMBMA1603 GSM Based Notice Board With LED Scrolling Display View Details
2 TEMBMA1708 RF Controlled Robot Using 8051 View Details
3 TEMBMA1149 Rfid Based Pesticides Dosing With Automatic Plant Irrigation For Agriculture Applications Using 8051 View Details
4 TEMBMA1155 Automated Door Opener With Lighting Control With 8051 View Details
5 TEMBMA1260 Analysis Of Wireless Sensors For Environmental Monitoring Using 8051 View Details
6 TEMBMA1370 Myrio Based Mobile Robot For Rescue Situations Using 8051 View Details
7 TEMBMA1431 Driver Behavior Assessment Based On Loosely Coupled Gps/ins Integration In Harsh Environment Using 8051 View Details
8 TEMBMA1478 8051 Based Smart Bus Alert System For Easy Navigation Of Blind View Details
9 TEMBMA1150 Automatic Movable Railway Platform With Train Arrival Detection Using 8051 View Details
10 TEMBMA1206 Drunken Driving Detection Using Car Ignition Locking Using 8051 View Details
11 TEMBMA1277 The Car Door Safety System With Wireless Alert Transmission Using 8051 View Details
12 TEMBMA1393 A Real-time Flood Alert System For Parking Lots Using 8051 View Details
13 TEMBMA1436 Lightweight Rfid Protocol For Medical Privacy Protection In Iot Using 8051 View Details
14 TEMBMA1109 Fuel Allocation And Lockout System With 8051 View Details
15 TEMBMA1151 Android Controlled Railway Level Gate Control Using 8051 View Details
16 TEMBMA1247 Simple Road Side Detection And Tracking By 8051 View Details
17 TEMBMA1331 System Architecture For Tracking Passengers Inside An Airport Terminal Using Rfid Using 8051 View Details
18 TEMBMA1407 Battery-less Soil Moisture Measurement System Based On A Nfc Device With Energy Harvesting Capability By 8051 View Details
19 TEMBMA1439 8051 Based Intelligent Manhole Cover Management System For Smart Cities View Details
20 TEMBMA1132 Automatic Waste Segregator Using 8051 Microcontroller View Details
21 TEMBMA1153 Detection Of Pedestrian Crossing For Safe Driving Using 8051 View Details
22 TEMBMA1254 A Zigbee-based Tangible Smart Home Interface Using 8051 Microcontroller View Details
23 TEMBMA1363 8051 Based Passenger Localization For In-vehicle Personalization Using Ble Beacons View Details
24 TEMBMA1428 Bore Well Water Quality And Motor Based On 8051 View Details
25 TEMBMA1468 Prototyping Of Class-attendance System Using 8051 Microcontroller View Details
26 TEMBMA1986 An Rfid Based Smart Evm System For Reducing Electoral Frauds View Details
27 TEMBMA1113 Gsm Based Digital Fuel Meter And Fuel Theft Detection Using 8051 Microcontroller View Details
28 TEMBMA1165 Lane Change Detection Algorithm On Real World Driving For Arbitrary Road Infrastructure Using 8051 View Details
29 TEMBMA1186 8051 Based Smartphone-based System For Improving Pedestrian Safety View Details
30 TEMBMA1315 Designing And Control Of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle With 8051 View Details
31 TEMBMA1502 An Automatic Rfid Detection Based Railway Identification System Using 8051 View Details
32 TEMBMA1503 Bi-directional Li-fi Communication For Transmitting Data, Audio And Image Information Using 8051 View Details
33 TEMBMA1508 8051 Based Blind Navigation System Using Rfid For Indoor & Outdoor Environments View Details
34 TEMBMA1551 Real Time Position Tracking System Using Google Maps Api V3 By Using 8051 View Details
35 TEMBMA1553 Integrated Cafeteria Management System Using Rfid Using 8051 View Details
36 TEMBMA1557 Rfid Based Secure Smart School Bus System Using 8051 View Details
37 TEMBMA1559 Smart Ration Card System Using Rfid And Embedded System By 8051 View Details
38 TEMBMA1562 8051 Based Voter Identification And Detection System Using Rfid And Gsm To Stop Rigging In The Elections View Details
39 TEMBMA1566 Smart Charger Monitoring System Using 8051 View Details
40 TEMBMA1570 Sms Voting System Project Using 8051 View Details
41 TEMBMA1576 Motion Based Door Opener With Metal Detector By 8051 Microcontroller View Details
42 TEMBMA1579 Password Based Circuit Breaker Using 8051 View Details
43 TEMBMA1582 Accurate Speed Control Of Electric Car Using 8051 Microcontroller View Details
44 TEMBMA1585 Rfid Based Animal Tracking System Using 8051 Microcontroller View Details
45 TEMBMA2251 Automatic pet feder using NODEMCU View Details

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