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Antenna Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code
Patch Antenna Projects
1 TMMAAN02 A Hepta-Band Antenna Loaded with T-shap Slot for SCX-based Applications View Details
2 TMMAAN06 Design of 2×2 Microstrip Patch Array Antenna for 5G C-band Access Point Applications View Details
3 TMMAAN03 A Novel Circular Patch Fractal Antenna for Multiband Applications View Details
4 TMMAAN04 A Novel Circular Slotted Microstrip-Fed Patch Antenna with Three Triangle Shaped Defected Ground Structure for Multiband Applications View Details
5 TMMAAN05 Comparative Study of Micro strip Patch Antenna with Different Shapes and its Applications View Details
6 TMMAAN01 Design of Modified U-Slot Multiband Circular Patch Antenna with Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna View Details

Latest Projects