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Communications Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code
Device-to-Device Communications Projects
1 TMMACO01 Energy-efficient D2D Communication Based Retransmission Scheme for Reliable Multicast in Wireless Cellular Network View Details
2 TMMACO05 D2D Communications Meet Mobile Edge Computing for Enhanced Computation Capacity in Cellular Networks View Details
3 TMMACO07 Energy Efficient Power and Channel Allocation in Underlay Device to Multi Device Communications View Details
4 TMMACO17 An Efficient Resource Allocation Algorithm for D2D Communications Based on NOMA View Details
Communications Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code
MIMO Transmissions Projects
1 TMMACO03 A Random Access Protocol for Pilot Allocation in Crowded Massive MIMO Systems View Details
2 TMMACO09 MIMO-UFMC Transceiver Schemes for Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications View Details
3 TMMACO15 Noncoherent Backscatter Communications over Ambient OFDM Signals View Details
4 TMMACO11 Power Allocation for Non-Orthogonal mmWave Systems with Mixed-Traffic View Details
5 TMMACO12 Resource Allocation for Wireless-Powered IoT Networks with Short Packet Communication View Details
6 TMMACO14 Average Information based Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio View Details
7 TMMACO18 MIMO Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio-Based Internet of Things View Details
8 TMMACO19 Application of MIMO-OFDM Technology in UAV Communication Network View Details
9 TMMACO20 Deep Learning-based Sum Data Rate and Energy Efficiency Optimization for MIMO-NOMA Systems View Details
10 TMMACO21 Energy Efficiency Optimization for MIMO Visible Light Communication Systems View Details
Communications Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code
5G networks Projects
1 TMMACO08 Joint Path Selection and Rate Allocation Framework for 5G Self-Backhauled mmWave Networks View Details
2 TMMACO13 User-Centric Base-Station Wireless Access Virtualization for Future 5G Networks View Details
3 TMMACO04 Coverage and Handoff Analysis of 5G Fractal Small Cell Networks View Details
4 TMMACO16 Energy efficiency Aware Joint Resource Allocation & Power Allocation in Multi User Beam Forming View Details
Communications Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code
modulation techniques Projects
1 TMMACO06 Dual-Mode Differential Chaos Shift Keying with Index Modulation View Details
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