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Artificial Intelligence Research Projects
Sl.No Project Code
Deep Learning Projects
1 TMREAI19_15 Bacteria Classification using Image Processing and Deep learning View Details
2 TMREAI19_05 Fast Facial Emotion Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Gabor Filters View Details
3 TMREAI19_12 Dense Fuse: A Fusion Approach to Infrared and Visible Images View Details
4 TMREAI19_13 Bangla Handwritten Digit Recognition Using an Improved Deep Convolutional Neural Network Architecture View Details
5 TMREAI19_02 Visual Tracking Using Non Local Similarity Learning View Details
6 TMREAI19_07 Learning Affective Video Features for Facial Expression Recognition via Hybrid Deep Learning View Details
7 TMREAI19_14 A Robust Image Zero-watermarking using Convolutional Neural Networks View Details
8 TMREAI19_04 A Cascaded Convolutional Neural Network for Single Image Dehazing View Details
9 TMREAI19_09 Social Network Identification through Image Classification with CNN View Details
10 TMREAI19_06 Fingerprint Image Identification for Crime Detection View Details
Artificial Intelligence Research Projects
Sl.No Project Code
Artificial Neural Network Projects
1 TMREAI19_10 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Feature Selection for Face Recognition View Details
2 TMREAI19_01 Brain Tumors Classification from MR Images Using a Neural Network and the Central Moments View Details
3 TMREAI19_08 Tomato Classification According to Organoleptic Maturity (coloration) Using Machine Learning Algorithms K-NN, MLP and K-means Clustering View Details
4 TMREAI19_11 Facial Expression Recognition Based on Multi-Feature Fusion and HOSVD View Details
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