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Electricity Make in India
Sl.No Project Code
1 TEMBS01 Foot Step Power Generation System For Rural Energy Application To Run Ac And Dc Loads View Details
2 TEMBS02 Aero Dynamic Wind Mill Power Generation For Rural Applications View Details
3 TEMBS03 Hand Cranked Dynamo Based Energy Generation System For Emergency Headlamp Applications For Mining Workers And Engineers Who Work Under Ground And Dark Conditions View Details
4 TEMBS04 Solar Lighting System View Details
5 TEMBS05 Hydel Power Generation Using Dc Motor View Details
6 TEMBS06 Renewable Energy Based Charger For Rural Areas View Details
7 TEMBS07 Electrical Power Generation Using Speed Breaker View Details
8 TEMBS08 Electrical Power Generation System Using Railway Track View Details
9 TEMBS09 Solar Highway Lighting System With Auto Turn Off On Day Time View Details
10 TEMBS10 Solar Based Mobile Charger For Rural Areas View Details
11 TEMBS11 Renewable Energy Management-solar Based Lighting System With Inverter And Cfl Lamp Load View Details
12 TEMBS12 Solar Automatic Traffic And Street Light Controller View Details
13 TEMBS13 Automatic Charging Grinding Machine With Solar Powered View Details
14 TEMBS14 Intelligent-solar-emergency-light View Details
15 TEMBS15 Solar Air Cooler With Auto Tracking View Details
16 TEMBS16 Power-from-pressure-energy View Details
17 TEMBS17 Electricity Generation From Turbine View Details
18 TEMBS18 Dc Generator View Details
19 TEMBS19 Hybrid Energy Generator View Details
20 TEMBS20 Generator From Dc Motor View Details
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