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Transportation Make in India
Sl.No Project Code
1 TEMBS94 Man Less Railway Gate Using Ir Sensor View Details
2 TEMBS95 Accident Prevention System On Hilly Areas View Details
3 TEMBS97 Automatic Highway Light System View Details
4 TEMBS89 Zigbee Enabled Smart Helmet For Automobiles To Reduce Accidents View Details
5 TEMBS90 Vehicle Speed Control In Danger Zones View Details
6 TEMBS91 Rfid Based Toll Gate College System View Details
7 TEMBS92 Accident Detection System Using Gps And Gsm With Automatic Update To Ambulance View Details
8 TEMBS93 Speed Checker To Detect Rash Driving On Highways View Details
9 TEMBS96 Subway System. View Details
10 TEMBS98 Vehicle Tracking System Using Rfid For Theft Avoidance View Details
11 TEMBS99 Automatic Bus Depot System View Details
12 TEMBS100 Drivers Drowsiness Detection View Details
13 TEMBS101 Rfid Based System For School Children Transportation Safety Measure View Details
14 TEMBS102 Zone Identification System View Details
15 TEMBS103 Vehicular Pollution Monitoring System View Details
16 TEMBS104 Smart Helmet System View Details
17 TEMBS105 Accident Detection System Using Gps And Gsm View Details
18 TEMBS106 Driver Less Car(obstacle Avoider Robot) View Details
19 TEMBS107 Car Parking Monitoring System View Details
20 TEMBS108 Engine Locking System Using Gsm Technology View Details
21 TEMBS109 Accident Detection System Using Gsm View Details
22 TEMBS110 Innovative School Bus Information System Using Gsm View Details
23 TEMBS111 Anti Sleep Alarm For Drivers View Details
24 TEMBS112 Gps + Gsm Based Advanced Vehicle Tracking System View Details
25 TEMBS113 Intelligent Railway Station Monitoring And Alert System View Details
26 TEMBS114 Automated Vehicle Identification And Toll-pass System. View Details
27 TEMBS115 Bus And Truck Driving Alert System Using Arduino View Details
28 TEMBS116 Density Based Traffic Controller With Android Overriding Ability View Details
29 TEMBS117 Traffic Signals With Synchronization System View Details
30 TEMBS118 Car Over-speeding Detection  View Details
31 TEMBS119 Iot Asset Tracking System View Details
32 TEMBS120 Car Speed Checker With Lcd Display. View Details
33 TEMBS121 Device Controlling System Using Dtmf View Details
34 TEMBS122 Avoid One More Ap Express Accident. View Details
35 TEMBS123 School Zone Alert With Announcement View Details
36 TEMBS124 Ambulance Detector View Details
37 TEMBS125 Unmanned Level Crossing View Details
38 TEMBS126 Switch On The Lights In Your House Automatically In The Evenings. View Details
39 TEMBS127 Smart Road View Details
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