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Back End Major Projects
Sl.No Project Code Cadence Oriented Projects Action
1 TVMABE12 Parametric And Functional Degradation Analysis Of Complete 14-nm FinFET SRAM View Details
2 TVMABE29 Power-delay-product, Area And Threshold-loss Analysis Of CMOS Full Adder Circuits View Details
3 TVMABE02 Design Of Area-efficient And Highly Reliable Rhbd 10t Memory Cell For Aerospace Applications View Details
4 TVMABE21 A 12t Low-power Standard-cell Based SRAM Circuit For Ultra-low-voltage Operations View Details
5 TVMABE06 A Very Compact CMOS Analog Multiplier For Application In CNN Synapses View Details
6 TVMABE24 Analysis Of 1- Bit Full Adder Using Different Techniques In Cadence 45nm Technology View Details
7 TVMABE40 Design Of Swing Dependent XOR-XNOR Gates Based Hybrid Full Adder View Details
8 TVMABE31 Power Reduction In FinFET Half Adder Using SVL Technique In 32nm Technology View Details
9 TVMABE34 Delay Optimization Of 4-bit ALU Designed In FS-GDI Technique View Details
10 TVMABE35 Design Of Area Efficient And Low Power 4-bit Multiplier Based On Full Swing GDI Technique View Details
11 TVMABE17 A 7t Security Oriented SRAM Bitcell View Details
12 TVMABE78 2T XOR-based Content Addressable Memory View Details
13 TVMABE68 DPL-Based Novel Time Equalized CMOS Ternary-to-Binary Converter View Details
14 TVMABE80 Data Retention based Low Leakage Power TCAM for Network Packet Routing View Details
15 TVMABE72 Anti-PVT-Variation Low-Power Time-to-Digital Converter Design Using 90-nm CMOS Process View Details
16 TVMABE75 A 300-mV Auto Shutdown Comparator-Based Continuous Time Modulator View Details
17 TVMABE44 A Low Power High Speed Comparator for Precise Applications View Details
18 TVMABE48 Low Power Design of 4-bit Simultaneous Counter using Digital Switching Circuits for Low Range Counting Applications View Details
19 TVMABE50 A Low-Power High-Speed Sense-Amplifier-Based Flip-Flop in 55 nm MTCMOS View Details
20 TVMABE52 A Sub-Threshold Differential CMOS Schmitt Trigger with Adjustable Hysteresis Based on Body Bias Technique View Details
21 TVMABE55 Novel Write-Enhanced and Highly Reliable RHPD-12T SRAM Cells for Space Applications View Details
22 TVMABE58 A Novel Technique to improve Performance Evaluation of Domino Logic Circuits in CMOS and FinFET Technology View Details
23 TVMABE61 45nm CMOS 4-Bit Flash Analog to Digital Converter View Details

Latest Projects

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